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Video Production

What We Are?

We are a Creative Studio that provides premium quality video services turns to focus on client success. We specialize in corporate video or tele-documentary program in-house – from writing scripts, to filming on location, to editing and post-processing.

  • Quality Production facilities
  • Equipment's & Crew
  • Support the local & International Film
  • TV & Events Productions
You need flexibility – we give it

Our Corporate Video

Filming Drones

Drone filming has recently been highly sought after in the video production industry. It provide a bird's eye aerial perspective, adding large panoramas & landscapes.

Stabilized Camera

Our high end quality stablized camera is capable of balancing out every handheld shot without the use of heavy and bulky Steadicams or Glidecams.

Time-lapse Camera

With our TBox Time-lapse Cameras, we are able to capture time-lapses for months to even years, capturing crucial moments in construction and engineering.

Photo & Video Studio

At 475 sq feet, our studio is suitable for video interviews, portraits shoots, and product shoots. We have a waiting area, changing room, make-up room & pantry area.

Live Stream & Webcast

Live streaming & entered the mainstream with most events going live on social media to capture a bigger audience worldwide. Our video filming studio is equipped to handle single or multi-camera setups. Our clients rely on us to webcast their product launches, panel discussions, webinars, and announcements.

Tethered Drone

Powered from the ground up by a portable battery pack, our tethered drone has a persistent power supply for extended flight time. It is well suited for aerial building inspections, security operations and other assignments where continuous operation is crucial.